Friday June 14th, 2024
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Arab Fund for Arts and Culture Open 2024 Applications For Music Progra

Whether you’re an artist looking to record an album or a promoter with an event idea, AFAC’s grant provides financial support for Individuals from all 22 Arab League member states.

Omar Ghonem

Arab Fund for Arts and Culture Open 2024 Applications For Music Progra

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is inviting musicians, producers, and music-related organizations to apply for its annual Music Grant Program. This program offers financial support for a diverse range of music projects, including production, performances, collaborations, album recordings, music podcasts, and festivals.

Grants range from USD 25,000 for individuals and teams to USD 35,000 for collectives and institutions. Individuals from all 22 Arab League member states are eligible, regardless of residency or citizenship. Local, regional, and international institutions working on arts and culture projects from the Arab region are also encouraged to apply.

Applications are accepted exclusively through AFAC's online forms. The program covers project production, including research and development, along with project-related expenses like materials, equipment rentals, and artistic/technical labor fees. Additionally, artists or institutions can include their fees in the budget, up to 30% of the total grant amount.

Independent committees will evaluate applications based on established criteria, with shortlisted projects announced on AFAC's website and social media platforms. Selected grantees will sign an agreement and have a maximum of two years to complete their projects.

Founded in 2007 by Arab cultural activists, AFAC is an independent organization supporting artists, writers, researchers, and cultural institutions from the Arab region. Their grant programs cover a wide range of artistic disciplines, including cinema, music, visual and performing arts, and literature. Since its inception, AFAC has expanded its reach to support research, training initiatives, and cultural events across the Arab world and beyond

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