Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Saudi-Based ANNO Conjures a Fairytale in Enchanting ‘Bloom’ Collection

A happily ever after with this Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Mai El Mokadem

Saudi-Based ANNO Conjures a Fairytale in Enchanting ‘Bloom’ Collection

Once upon a time, nestled amidst a secret garden where roses bloomed in blushing hues and sunlight spilled through tall trees, a collection of dresses came alive. On cascading staircases leading up to a grand palace, their worn stone murmuring tales of forgotten princesses, Anno’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection radiates femininity and fairytales.

The Saudi label’s latest collection, ‘Bloom’, conjures its magic from nature's diverse beauty. This is reflected in the intricate floral details, 3D flowers, hand-painted depictions of lily blossoms and foliage, organza folds in the form of petals, hand-cut satin rose petals, and vast colour palette. Greens and blues reminiscent of rolling meadows and calming skies intertwine with soft pinks, sunny yellows, and lilac purples. With crystals, sequins, beads, soft hues, corset bodices, big skirts and heart-shaped necklines, this collection speaks of romance and softness. The inspiration from nature is clear – hints of sunshine, fresh grass, fragrant lavender, blooming roses, and the vital energy of the natural world come alive in every detail.

Shot in Barcelona, Spain, a palace became an opulent, gorgeous backdrop for this collection, with some interior shots as well. The grandeur of the palace, surrounded by nature, accentuated and fell in line with the elegance of the dresses. Gossamer fabrics, as light as a hushed wish, took form, each dress a fleeting dream captured in silk and satin. Layers upon layers of exquisite ruffles unfurl from the waist, like a blooming flower, crafting a silhouette of regal majesty. Skirts with tiers of varying lengths, sway with a life of their own, while delicate organza pleats on each tier ooze femininity and elegance.


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