Thursday June 20th, 2024
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ReQaf Disrupts the Coffee Market with a New Virtual Coffee Bar

The coffee sachet start-up is redefining the very concept of what coffee is and how we thought it should be.

Layla Raik

ReQaf Disrupts the Coffee Market with a New Virtual Coffee Bar

We know of ReQaf as the coffee company revolutionizing our morning rituals, by extending their caffeine-stained fingers to bring good coffee - like the one you’d typically spend half the morning brewing or half your salary buying at cafés - to our shelves. The brand’s filter coffee sachets have significantly turned our mornings around in the few months they’ve spent in our lives.

“We were happy to see people posting their ReQaf coffees on their Instagram stories,” tells us Aly Khattab, the founder of ReQaf, “But then they started getting more creative - we started getting tagged in pictures of flavoured iced lattes. As the coffee concoctions came in, we were inspired.”

By nature of the bean, and it's generally bubbly personality that wakes us up in the morning, ReQaf’s coffee created a community around itself, where people shared ideas and creations. The ReQaf team could only celebrate that; after all, this was proof their product was doing what it set out to do: become a lifestyle. And so, they created the Qaf bar, a one-stop virtual hub that held all the coolest ReQaf recipes in the community.

“The Qaf Bar is set to be an ever-evolving reservoir of the ReQaf community’s most innovative - and most delicious - recipes. It contains everything from sparkling caffeine drinks to affogatos to tiramisu, and more to come.”

How the whole process works is, essentially, you walk in(to ReQaf’s website), and make your way sultrily to the coffee bar. There, you can have your pick from an array of expertly crafted coffee-based recipes from some of our favourite foodies, including health-conscious queen Malouk Eats, Nino’s Bakery wizard Suliema Benhalim, and Aly Khattab himself. The recipes are simple, fun, and will surely make you seem like a sophisticated coffee connoisseur in front of pretentious guests. But, if you’re more on the kitchen-aversive side of things, you can just look out for ReQaf’s events, where the menu will consist entirely of Qaf Bar creations.

“I never follow recipes. I think it’s more fun, and more fruitful, to play around in the kitchen. So one time, while making my coffee, I thought, ‘Hmm, what would happen if I added sparkling water to this?’ and I did. Then I thought maybe I should an orange - or a lemon wedge. It’s a matter of experimentation until you reach something you’re satisfied with.”

Be it the Sparkling Qaf, a sweet Qaf Leches, or the twist of Qaf Cinnamon Roll Affogato, ReQaf’s virtual bar is our new playground for in-kitchen experimentation, and we can’t wait to get brewing.


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