Friday April 19th, 2024
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Get a One-Way Ticket to Chocolate World With Ovio’s Special Menu

Ovio is offering a month-long selection of chocolate treats.

John Bichara

Get a One-Way Ticket to Chocolate World With Ovio’s Special Menu

Why do we say that February is the sweetest month of all? Is it because it heralds the end of the cold winter season, or because of the sheer romance of Valentine's Day? Heck no! It's because that's when artisanal European restaurant Ovio is launching their month-long celebration of all things chocolate! Offering an exclusive selection of desserts through a special menu, Ovio's Chocolate World event will have you going (cocoa) nuts over rich hot chocolates, chocolate-drizzled San Sebastian Cheesecakes, and the opportunity to drench anything you want (within reason) in chocolate fondue.

As much as you'll want to walk into their restaurants to try every item on their special menu for yourself - who ever heard of someone trying to cure a chocolate addiction after all? - Ovio is also offering new chocolate items to take home with you. Whether it's chocolate truffles coated in Earl Grey, coffee or dulce de leche, or chocolate bars in milk, dark and white flavours, you'll be able to keep a bit of Chocolate World for yourself in your fridge.


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