Friday July 19th, 2024
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Ovio’s New Healthy Desserts Menu is Deliciously ‘Guilt-Free’

A 115 calorie cheesecake? Be right back…

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Ovio’s New Healthy Desserts Menu is Deliciously ‘Guilt-Free’

This is your resident diabetic SceneEats correspondent reporting live from our headquarters in Downtown Cairo, where I just stumbled upon Ovio's brand new 'Guilt-Free Pastry Menu.'

Now, I don't know about you, but this is big news to me. While I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a raging sweet tooth, I do enjoy a bite or two of saccharine goodness every now and then, much to the dismay of my blood sugar levels. So if you're on a similar boat - or just try to be mindful of your sugar and caloric intake - you'll want to keep reading.

Offering a series of freshly crafted sweet concoctions that are low in calories and high on health-consciousness, here’s everything on Ovio's latest guilt, gluten, lactose, saturated fat, and egg yolk-free menu, broken down. Now excuse me, I have an Uber to catch and a 'Raspberry Symphony' to acquaint myself with.

Oh and, if you’d rather an icy healthy beverage, a little birdie recommends the Matcha Coconut Milk..

Chocolate Madeleines

Calories: 212

Ovio’s new chocolate madeleines strike a perfect balance between unsweetened dark chocolate and unprocessed hazelnut paste.

Raspberry Symphony

Calories: 191

Feeling a bit fruity? Ovio’s raspberry symphony is what you need. The dessert consists of mascarpone cream on a crunch almond base, filled with homemade raspberry filling and topped with - you guessed it -  fresh raspberry.

Tiramisu Delight

Calories: 207

All the joy of a proper slice of tiramisu with none of the ‘guilt’, the tiramisu delight on Ovio’s new menu is naturally sweetened with honey.

Tropical Paradise

Calories: 105

A taste of paradise indeed, this little edible fella is made of mango pineapple mousse on coconut cake, filled with fruit, glazed with mango puree, and topped with passion fruit seeds. 

Apple Manzana

Calories: 141

Sweetened with both honey and natural fruits, the apple manzana is a light gluten, lactose, and egg yolk-free green apple cake topped with pecan and pine nuts. 

Chocolate Dream

Calories: 145

Raw chocolate mousse on a base of raw chocolate cake, Ovio’s chocolate dream is simply a ball of good ol’ chocolatey goodness.  

Gianduja Hazelnut

Calories: 111

Topped with a raw chocolate glaze, the gianduja hazelnut tart sees Ovio once more striking a perfect balance between chocolate and hazelnut.

Chocolate Cherry

Calories: 115

Here’s a fun fact, that’s actually red chocolate spray you’re looking at. Chocolate cake filled with cherries and painted cherry red, this honey-sweetened dessert is definitely one to try. 

Mango Yogurt

Calories: 72

Like taking a bite out of a mango flavored cloud, Ovio’s mango yogurt is simply that, a Greek yogurt mousse topped with mango and berries. 

Cheesecake Glow

Calories: 115

The star of the hour, Ovio’s cheesecake glow, naturally sweetened with honey, features a particularly light cheesecake sitting atop an almond crunch base.


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