Saturday May 18th, 2024
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La Settima Duchessa Will Whisk You and Your Arab Amore Away to Italy

Pasta, pizza and privacy – La Settima Duchessa is the travel agency making your Italian dreams come true.

Layan Adham Ismail

La Settima Duchessa Will Whisk You and Your Arab Amore Away to Italy

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending the better part of this year fantasizing about random gondolas gliding down random canals, pastel-coloured vespas zooming across cobblestone streets, and grated parmesan cheese seductively sprinkled atop a mountain-sized bowl of pasta. A reverie triad that can only be found in not-so-distant yet also not-so-attainable Italy.

Luckily for those yearning for an Italian getaway à la Dolce Vita, we’ve unearthed a new tourism venture that can turn your pizza/pasta/Portofino dreams into a reality.

Italian tourism venture La Settima Duchessa, which translates to ‘The Seventh Duchess’, draws inspiration from a bygone era of travel, when the nobility embarked on thoughtful and deliberate explorations of the unknown. It harkens back to a time when culture epitomized elegance, and privacy held utmost importance – an ethos that intricately weaves together elements of travel, design, craftsmanship, and history to fashion a tourism concept that’s deeply rooted in the sophistication of the past and the comforts of today. In short – you’ll feel like Grace Kelly, as you lounge inside your lavish mountain villa with your gelato-wielding boyfriend.

More than just providing accommodations, La Settima Duchessa also serves as a dedicated personal concierge. Tailored itineraries are crafted for each guest, orchestrating unparalleled adventures ranging from thrilling helicopter excursions to intimate (and hopefully pizza-inclusive) dinners, as well as exclusive visits to the studios of local artisans.

Among the exclusive properties in their impressive collection are Villa Peduzzi and Villa Giuseppina on Lake Como, Villa Subtilia in Tuscany and Villa Tenuta della Contea in Sicily. However, considering the exclusive nature of this service, not all villas are featured on the online platform, ensuring that discretion remains central to La Settima Duchessa’s services.

So, if you’re looking for a Mediterranean escape that’s close enough to your MENA home to be convenient, far enough to provide you with a much needed sense of seclusion and exclusive enough to offer unparalleled privacy, La Settima Duchessa is the female-owned travel agency that’ll help you achieve this trifecta.


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