Friday June 14th, 2024
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Rap of the Week | Apr 25 - May 2

This edition features tracks by Abyusif, Abo El Anwar and A.L.A.

Scene Noise

Rap of the Week | Apr 25 - May 2

In this installment of our Rap of the Week playlist, we feature a selection of hip-hop releases that stood out to our team at SceneNoise by regional rap stars like Abyusif, Nubi and Kamikazem.

Presented in no particular order, we have the latest collaboration between Abyusif and rapper-producer Xander Ghost on the track ‘Howa Keda’. A haunting trap beat created by Omar Taai'i and Kero serves as the backdrop for Xander's falsetto opening lines, laying the foundation for Abyu's processed and relentless vocal delivery. Xander then follows with a verse, maintaining the energy alongside Abyusif. Next, Nubi presents his second single, ‘Durag’, from his upcoming album ‘Gezeiret El Feila’.

This track showcases a different approach from its predecessor, as Nubi embraces more traditional trap aesthetics infused with an infectious hook. This shift in direction hints at the diversity to be expected on the rapper's sophomore LP.

Furthermore, El Mexic members Abo El Anwar and Ahmad Santa collaborate on the track ‘Tokyo’, flexing their dynamic energy over a laid-back trap instrumental courtesy of Arsh.


ABYUSIF & Xander Ghost - HOWA KEDA

Nubi - Durag

Ahmad Santa x Abo El Anwar - Tokyo



Tageel ft. Mvndila - Faradi


Naqqa - No More

Khelo Ryad - Maza Feek

Mo ED - Ghaba

Slyver X Etto | Kaza Haga

LIL ALEX X - DaMadEgyptian| -Math


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