Friday April 19th, 2024
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Mandarine Koueider is Serving Up Sandwiches & Salads With New Deli

The classic dessert shop’s new Mandarine Koueider Deli is now delivering healthy sandwiches and salads.

John Bichara

Mandarine Koueider is Serving Up Sandwiches & Salads With New Deli

Growing up in Egypt means that at every other family gathering, you've got a giant platter of treats and sweets from Mandarine Koueider, and who would want it any other way? Between their pastries and ice creams, their Syrian desserts are beyond classic ever since they first set up shop in Cairo in 1928. Now they're branching out in a brand new way with the launch of their Mandarine Koueider Deli, where they're serving up some of the most wholesome salads and sandwiches you can ask for.

If you've ever wanted to grab a quick and healthy bite to eat while you're at work or grinding to finish off that 'I really should have done it sooner' essay for school, Mandarine Koueider Deli is serving up fresh salads and sandwiches packed with all the protein, fibre, and healthy fats and carbs that will keep you powering through your day. As of now, they've been exclusively delivering straight to your doorstep when you order online - but keep your eyes on District 5 where Mandarine Koueider Deli will be opening their first location this spring!


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