Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties Collaborates with Cairo Food Week

MIP and Garden 8 aim to spotlight Egypt's offerings and etch its imprint on the global cartography as Cairo Food Week’s official district partners.

Farida El Shafie

Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties Collaborates with Cairo Food Week

Egypt's rich culinary landscape traverses its bustling streets graced by crimson carts and its desert expanses punctuated by ochre-toned fine dining establishments. Its culinary map, akin to its geographical contours,  meanders and stretches to encompass a myriad of flavours, influences, and traditions. Cairo Food Week, attuned to the intricate threads of this food culture, embarks on a mission to capture its nuanced essence. It delves deep into the city's culinary ecosystem while nurturing close collaborations with international counterparts, all with a singular message reverberating throughout: Cairo's local culinary scene is a treasure trove of talent, wisdom, and resilience.

At the heart of this culinary renaissance lies a desire to collaborate, as chefs mingle and exchange ideas amidst unfamiliar stoves, each striving to push the boundaries of gastronomic innovation. Cairo itself transforms into a metaphorical dining table, where views of the ancient Pyramids seamlessly merge with the ambiance of urban resto-bars and the sophistication of luxury hotels. And anchoring this notion is the enduring partnership between premier lifestyle destination, Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties (MIP), and Flavor Republic, now in its sophomore year. MIP truly embodies what it means to be Cairo Food Week’s district partner. True supporters of the project since its inception, their ethos, which consists of introducing and incorporating new concepts, is heavily mirrored in their lifestyle destination, Garden 8.

On the evening of May 11th, Garden 8’s Umami will play host to an exclusive six-hands dinner. World-renowned and Michelin-Star chefs Mohamad Orfali, Sara Aqel, and certified Masterchef and Umami’s very own, Tarek Ibrahim, will work together to marry a rich army of cultural flavours. Meanwhile on May 12th, across the urban sprawl at Buoy, a privileged few are privy to an intimate gathering. Here, Gucci Osteria’s Karime Lopez, Takahiko Kondo, and Buoy’s Adam Kodovas, with their kaleidoscope of culinary experiences, concoct a menu that dances on the palate, weaving together diverse influences and traditions.

Months in the making, Cairo Food Week is a labour of love, carefully crafted to showcase the best of both international and local cuisine. Over 20 esteemed chefs, spanning from celebrities to Michelin award-winners, will join forces with Egypt and the Middle East's culinary stars. Together, they'll create a culinary landscape rich in flavour and diversity, set against the backdrop of Cairo's vibrant locales.

For MIP, this collaboration with Cairo Food Week transcends the mere showcasing of Egypt’s burgeoning F&B scene, it's a paean to Egypt's role as a leading lifestyle destination. Through their shared commitment to curating unique experiences and fostering synergies, MIP and Garden 8 aim to spotlight Egypt's offerings and etch its imprint on the global cartography.

Furthermore, MIP's commitment to the sustainable growth of the tourism industry is evident through its hospitality solutions and initiatives. Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties has managed in a short period of time to influence the fine dining experience in New Cairo, making a notable impact on the culinary landscape of the entire city.


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