Friday June 14th, 2024
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Taking a Stroll through Saudi Arabia’s Exciting Wellness Destinations

With verdant oases, rolling desert dunes and pristine clear waters serving as the breathtaking backdrop, it’s no surprise Saudi Arabia is emerging as a global wellness destination.

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Taking a Stroll through Saudi Arabia’s Exciting Wellness Destinations

As has been proven to us time and time again, Saudi Arabia is fast-becoming a leading tourism destination by any and all standards, and is – quite impressively – showing no signs of slowing down. Tackling everything from conscious and sustainable travel to health and wellness tourism, the Kingdom is finally shedding simultaneous spotlights on its pristine clear waters, lush green mountains, verdant desert oases and towering sand dunes.

Every yoga enthusiast’s dream, UNESCO World Heritage Site, AlUla, offers history and artistry. The world’s largest oasis, Al-Ahsa, with its rejuvenating hot springs is where you (and your dry skin) can be born anew. The world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism destination, The Red Sea, beckons to the sustainability-focused and nature-oriented travellers among us. It seems Saudi Arabia is finally ready to share its breathtaking landscapes with the rest of the world, and global wellness ventures are wasting no time in taking full advantage.

Considering the sheer amount of up-and-coming wellness resorts about to open in these idyllic Saudi cities, we’ve decided to help you navigate the Kingdom’s most breathtaking and hotly-anticipated wellness-focused hotels and retreats.

Our Habitas AlUla – AlUla

One of the standout regions contributing to Saudi's wellness allure is AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site holding 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history. Now fast becoming Saudi’s wellness capital – and even hosting a dedicated Wellness Festival, which is set to take place this October for the fourth year running – AlUla is home to the sustainable and swanky Habitas AlUla. 

With its dedicated spa and health club, Thuraya Wellness, combining modern-day techniques with ancient practices, travellers will be able to unwind with some serene sunrise yoga, lounge by their outdoor pool, and pick some local essential oils and scrubs from the alchemy bar for a personalised treatment. 

Six Senses Southern Dunes – The Red Sea

Surrounded by the enchanting dunes of Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast, Six Senses Southern Dunes emerges as a sanctuary amidst towering volcanic craters and vast mountain ranges. Catering to those seeking to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, this particular destination is all about desert meditations and outdoor yoga sessions. 

Doze off on a heated bed of quartz sand, eat your way through the resort’s five delectable eateries (with all the food locally sourced from the Chef’s Garden) or, if you fancy yourself a chemist, you can learn how to make clean skincare products using traditional Nabatean spices and fragrances. 

Al Ahsa InterContinental, an IHG Hotel – Al Ahsa

Venturing further into Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, we find the mesmerising Al-Ahsa oasis – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 2.5 million palm trees and countless ancient archaeological wonders. Part of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network, the city also has various ancient handicraft traditions – including pottery and weaving – and it’s where the five-star Al Al Ahsa InterContinental can be found. 

Featuring the first L’OCCITANE inspired spa in the Eastern Province to offer exclusive L’OCCITANE en Provence treatments and therapies, Al Ahsa Intercontinental is not just about wellness. It’s also very much about luxury and exclusivity. 

Assila, A Luxury Collection Hotel – Jeddah

A coastal city with fresh sea air, pristine beaches and water activities aplenty, Jeddah has a lot more to offer than just waterfront views. You can also choose to take a historical walk through Al Balad, the city’s UNESCO Heritage-protected old town, or visit the Jeddah Open Air Museum, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of open-air art and sculptures. 

Alternatively, you can also take a yoga class, book some personal training sessions or get pampered at an award-winning spa in the five-star Assila, a Luxury Collection Hotel, located in Jeddah’s Fashion District.


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