Friday June 14th, 2024
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Saudi Arabia’s Newest Attraction Involves Cage Diving with Sharks

While you wait for Saudi’s oil-rig-based entertainment resort to open, you can take a look below the surface at the ocean’s most famous predator.

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Saudi Arabia’s Newest Attraction Involves Cage Diving with Sharks

Although Saudi Arabia has enough adventures to keep even the most avid of thrill seekers occupied for a good few years, it seems the Kingdom is not even close to concluding its quest of becoming the next global adventure tourism hub.

The Kingdom’s newest adrenaline-spiking adventure seems even more daunting than those that came before it – cage diving with sharks.

Brought to Saudi Arabia by Roam, a premium luxury destination management company, this cage diving experience is certainly not for the faint of heart (or those with small bladders), as it entails getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous and silver-screen-famous predators.

The exclusive and curated adventure does not only entail a dangerous dance with the sharp-toothed creatures of the sea, it also includes a three-day journey aboard a private yacht to reach the optimal destination for taking the plunge.

Ensuring the experience is as safe and stress-free as possible – even for those “live on the edge” people out there – Roam offers brave participants a selection of expert guides and various comprehensive safety briefings.

However, if swimming in the deep with anything possessing biting capabilities is perhaps a bit too much for you, definitely do some relaxing sunset yoga on the deck instead. Or, you could do the stomach-please thing and munch on any of the onboard chef’s culinary creations, all while looking out at the dazzling Jeddah skyline.

Catering to those with a deep-rooted fascination with sharks but an even deeper rooted fear of being in close proximity to them, Roam’s experience includes a shark conservation program at the St. Regis Red Sea, where you can learn to appreciate the profound role they play in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem in the region.

Whether you want to live out a better-ending Jaws or become one of the marine biologists in Jaws, you can now fulfil both fantasies right in the heart of the Kingdom.


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