Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Iconic Las Vegas Hotel Delano is Landing in Dubai

Opening later this year, Hotel Delano will feature four distinct dining concepts, several private pools and a touch of Las Vegas.

Mai El Mokadem

Iconic Las Vegas Hotel Delano is Landing in Dubai

Hailing from the sparkly realm of casinos and high-stakes poker, Las Vegas' Hotel Delano is making its way to the UAE, with an anticipated opening in late 2024 at the waterfront destination Bluewaters Dubai.

Catering to individuals with a keen appreciation for the finer things in life, Delano Dubai will be offering meticulously crafted culinary delights, personalized experiences, and a steadfast commitment to discretion. You might wonder, how can a hotel prioritize discretion? Well, it features a secluded corner within its island resort – perfect for sunbathing or simply enjoying some uninterrupted solitude, free from human interaction.

Providing 251 guestrooms – including 84 suites, some featuring private pools – Delano's accommodations are undeniably a highlight. However, its culinary offerings are equally noteworthy. The hotel plans to introduce four distinct dining experiences, ranging from Parisian pastries to Levantine-inspired feasts, modern Italian cuisine, and a reinvented rendition of Delano's famed Rose Bar.

With a penchant for both the outdoors and indoors, Delano Dubai aims to blur the boundaries between the rooms and the stunning surroundings – an approach that is referred to as ‘guest choreography’ and strives to stimulate discovery and invigorate the senses.

The design of the hotel itself incorporates distinctive elements that pay homage to the original Delano properties, including the signature ‘Delano white’ that serves as a striking contrast against rich woods, natural materials, and exquisite fabrics. This harmonious fusion evokes nostalgia for the classic Delano aesthetic while infusing it with a modern and trendy twist, ensuring a timeless yet current ambiance throughout the hotel.


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