Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Abu Dhabi’s Famed Bab Al Nojoum Resort Unveils New Overwater Villas

The expansion features Maldives-esque overwater villas, as well as beachfront dwellings for couples and families.

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Abu Dhabi’s Famed Bab Al Nojoum Resort Unveils New Overwater Villas

It feels like not long ago, Maldives-style overwater villas were just that—Maldives overwater villas. You couldn’t find them anywhere else. While they are still undoubtedly the height of exclusivity and luxury, and certainly not accessible to all, those decadent dots of tropical opulence suspended on stilted wooden walkways are getting closer and closer to home.

The renowned Bab Al Nujoum Resort on Hudayriyat Island, just a relaxed 10-minute drive from downtown Abu Dhabi, has unveiled 14 Maldives-style overwater villas, complete with their own private terrace, pool, sunbeds, and dining table. 

In addition to these, there are 17 new beachfront rooms, branching out from the resort's traditional 'campground' layout. With smaller single-room units and larger multi-bedroom dwellings, the resort caters to both couples and larger groups of friends or families. For those seeking their own private retreat, Bab Al Nojoum’s new spots provide precisely that. 

The expansion also introduces a new European-inspired restaurant, La Cocina, featuring a wood-fired oven and grill for meat and fish. Though if you would prefer a more communal experience, the option remains for a group meal served around sunset. 

Whether situated beside the water or suspended above it, the resort offers a swift escape from the urban glitz of the city skyline, providing a breath of fresh, salty seaside air, as well as the opportunity to spend your retreat secluded from the surrounding cacophony of the capital.


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