Friday April 19th, 2024
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Styled Archives: The ‘El-Shahroura’ Sabah Edition

A deep dive into the Lebanese singer, actress, and icon’s most memorable moments and looks.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Styled Archives: The ‘El-Shahroura’ Sabah Edition

In this week's edition of Styled Archives, we pay tribute to a woman whose love for life was undeniably contagious. For as long as living generations can remember (and no, this is not an ageist dig), the name ‘Sabah’ has been synonymous with talent, joy, and longevity.

Born Jeannette Gerges Feghali in Lebanon, Sabah rose to prominence during a time when the Arab scene was teeming with incredible talents; El Andaleeb, Kawkab Al Sharq, Farid Al Atrash, Fayrouz, Warda, and Nagat, to name a few. Yet, Sabah emerged like a phoenix from the ashes, carving a name for herself in Lebanon, Egypt, and beyond.

A life marked by endless art, melodies and performances, Sabah truly left an indelible mark on the lives of many. Commanding the spotlight wherever she went, ‘Al Ostoora’ served gorgeous looks throughout the decades, and this week, we’re spotlighting some of our favourites.


On the set of ‘The Autobus’

Flamenco-she-better-do. Proving that age is just a number, Sabah danced the night away in a showgirl-inspired camp dress that shined in all the colours of the wind - the primary ones, that is.


On her wedding day to Roshdy Abaza

Caught in a warm embrace to her one-day husband (yes, the marriage didn’t even make it past the 24 hour mark, and that, Generation Z, is what a situationship looked like back then), Sabah wore a traditional white wedding dress, looking simple yet spectacular. 


With Abdulhalim Hafez

On a seemingly inconspicuous night some time in the 1960s, El Shahroura and El Andaleeb both dressed in all black - well, seeing as the photo itself is in black and white, one can only assume - shared a cordial evening, undoubtedly discussing how to maximise their joint slay. 


With Om Kalthoum

Arm to shoulder with Kawkab Al Sharq herself, if one’s gaze is not entirely captivated by the sheer star power in this frame, it may shift focus to Sabah’s swirl-embellished hoops, which - for obvious reasons - are quite mesmerising.


With Farid Al Atrash

Watching with awe and admiration as Farid Al Atrash worked his magic on the Oud, Sabah donned an off-white cashmere sweater paired with an above-the-knee polka dot skirt. 


On the cover of 'Al Shabaka'

Front and centre on the cover or ‘Al Shabaka’ in 1964, Al Ostoora looked every bit the baroque dream, dressed in a navy ornamental kaftan with gilded motifs spread across. 


With Hussein Fahmy at Nabila Ebeid's birthday party

Caught in an intimate moment with late Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy, Sabah looked pretty in embellished pink at Nabila Ebeid’s birthday party.


With her husband Waseem Tobara

A kiss on the cheek may be quite continental, especially if it’s coming from your spouse - or at least, one of them. Pictured next to then-hubby Waseem Tobara, Sabah wore a statement suit complete with floral motifs and flared sleeves, topped with a ‘tarboush’ dripping in gems.


7th Cairo International Song festival 

Displaying her medal of honour at the 7th Cairo International Song festival, Sabah rocked up in a sheer white gown with pastel floral embellishments (and naturally, a fitting tiara). 



Serving dollhouse chic at a concert in Paris, Sabah donned a billowing embellished gown with puffed sleeves and a - quite impressive - perm.


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