Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Styled Archives: The Amr ‘El Hadaba’ Diab Edition

‘Wala Ala Balo’? Wrong. This Egyptian star’s iconic fashion moments have never left our thoughts…

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Styled Archives: The Amr ‘El Hadaba’ Diab Edition

Let’s play a guessing game - he’s a seven-time World Music Award winner, a Guinness World Record holder, a five-time Platinum Record winner, an ageless heartthrob, and the purveyor of many-a-summer-bops. Oh, and he’s been serving looks left, right, front and centre for decades. He is, of course, Amr Diab.

Funky ties, vintage shirts (that you won’t find in any thrift store in Zamalek) and an undeniable charisma - that’s Arab popstar rizz for the youngins’ - Diab has undoubtedly had his fashion moments, and for this week’s edition of Styled Archives, we’re bringing out our magnifying glasses and taking a look…

With Mike Tyson


Back in 1998, heavyweight boxing champion tried metaphorically tackling El Hadaba himself as he handed him the award for best sales in the Middle East. Diab donned a reflective leather blazer, a staple he would continue flaunting over the years.

With Cheb Khaled


Collaborating on the hit song ‘Alby’, Cheb Khaled and Amr Diab shared an authentic BTS moment - and this time, Cheb Khaled seems to be the one championing leather, with Diab in a classic grey tweed ensemble.

With Laila Eloui

Early 1990s

You’d think this photo was caught all the way back in the 70s, but it does seem the black & white filter was still reigning supreme back in the 90s. Caught in frame alongside Egyptian actress Laila Eloui, Diab served ‘Omda’ realness in a classic winter suit and scarf.


Late 1990s

This particular entry needs no introduction. A denim shirt, a tie you only see in certain Instagram meme accounts, and that smile? Iconic. 

With Shakira


No this is not Amr Diab taking a picture with Shakira, it’s Shakira taking a picture with Amr Diab. Looking pretty in pink, Diab snatched a picture with the Colombian icon backstage during his YAS Island concert in Abu Dhabi in 2011.

‘Habibi’ Album Cover


Versace who? Looking every bit the black and gold dream, Diab’s shirt was one for the history books.

‘Tamali Ma’ak’ Music Video


Let’s be real, ever since that music video dropped, there was not a single household that did not have at least one of this iconic blue sweater.

In ‘Ice Cream in Gleam’ Film


In the cult classic movie, Diab once more flaunted his love for the timeless leather jacket. Also, time for a rewatch maybe?

In his Ken era


He’s not just Ken, he’s a downright 10 in this timeless (and undeniably WhatsApp sticker-worthy) shot.


Early 2000s

Colorful ornate tie and a gaze that would have Medusa’s snakes feeling the butterflies in tow, Amr Diab looked us (and camp) straight in the eye.


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