Friday May 24th, 2024
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Styled Archives: Sawsan Badr’s Best Moments

With beauty akin to Nefertiti, the beloved actress has been serving looks for decades.

Mai El Mokadem

Styled Archives: Sawsan Badr’s Best Moments

Sawsan Badr. Powerful, iconic and a beauty like Nefertiti’s - those are just some of what comes to mind when we think of her. She has graced Egyptian screens for nearly four decades. Beyond her powerful performances and strong presence, Badr has also cultivated a fashion sense as bold as her personality. In this edition of Styled Archives, we look back at Sawsan Badr's history of audacious fashion choices and timeless classic looks…

Sawsan Badr’s monologue in ‘Ehky Ya Scheherazade’

(Cairo, 2009)

Iconic is a small word for this scene. While the film was released in 2009, this monologue - or, as we like to call it, the ‘ya ragel ya 3era’ scene- still gets quoted to this day. Rocking a stylish pixie cut, Badr exudes the spirit of the strong independent woman.

Sawsan Badr wearing an Algerian burnous, promoting ‘Death of a Princess’

(Algeria, 1980)

Stunning since the 80s, Badr goes Algerian in a traditional burnous while she promotes her movie, ‘Death of a Princess’, in the country. The true fashionistas will notice a miniscule (yet crucial) outfit detail - her extra-sparkly anklets.

Sawsan Badr holding the prize for ‘Best Actress’ at the 34th Cairo International Film Festival

(Cairo, December 2010)

And the award goes to…! Here, Badr holds the prize for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in the 2011 movie ‘Al Shoq’, sparkling in royal purple (with eye makeup to match).

Sawsan Badr behind the scenes of ‘Salam Ya Sahby’ with Saeed Saleh  

(Cairo, 1987)

In her role as Fatima in the action/comedy movie, the legendary actress wears an Egyptian women’s outfit during a shoot, pictured with another acting legend, Saeed Saleh.

Sawsan Badr photographed for Enigma Magazine

(Cairo, March 2011)

In a more provocative shoot by photographer Karim Nour, Sawsan Badr gets glammed up in a floral dress for this Enigma Magazine feature.

Sawsan Badr at the 44th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival

(Cairo, November 2022)

Proving that she’s just as gorgeous as she was when she was young, Badr opts for a golden number for the opening ceremony of CIFF in 2022. Obviously, her signature silver pixie hair completes the look.

Sawsan Badr photographed for Al Jarida magazine interview

(Cairo, 1990s)

Pearls, white tulle, black liner - oh my! In a trip down memory lane, Badr checks all the 90s trends’ boxes in this picture. Were pencilled-in brows and orange lipstick the most fashionable choices? Back then they were.

Sawsan Badr poses with Farouk Al-Fishawy during the 16th Damascus International Film Festival

(Damascus, November 2008)

The long earrings dangling all the way to her collarbones are just, mwah- chef’s kiss! Matching the silverish grey of her bodice-pleated gown, the look is adorned with open-toed heels and sexy red-painted toe nails, along with a shawl.

Sawsan Badr photographed in her early days of stardom

(Cairo, 1977)

Ditching the Faculty of Science definitely did wonders to Badr’s beauty. Skin glowing, hair flowing - she flourished as she left to pursue her true passion at the High Cinema Institute.

Personal image of Sawsan Badr at 18 years old

(Cairo, 1975)

Corporate girls, take note. With an outfit that could rival Farah Seif’s pieces today, this vintage power suit has a dainty feminine touch in the shape of a girly bowtie.


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