Friday June 14th, 2024
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Styled Archives: Hind Rostom’s Best Looks

One look from Hind Rostom, the ‘queen of seduction’, and you're under her spell.

Mai El Mokadem

Styled Archives: Hind Rostom’s Best Looks

At her prime, Egyptian actress Hind Rostom was revered as a style icon, a status that endures today. In the 1950s and 60s, throngs of admirers would gather outside movie theatres, eagerly awaiting glimpses of her ensembles, emulating her style from head to toe. Fast forward to the present day, her influence persists, with her image adorning countless inspiration boards on platforms like Pinterest, and her timeless films continuing to captivate audiences on television screens.

Often likened to Marilyn Monroe, Rostom carved out her own identity as ‘a symbol of seduction’ in the East. She broke standards in her bold choices of roles, which was a first during that period in Egypt. Her strong character, mirrored perfectly in her daring career choices, set her apart.

Exuding glamour and elegance, Rostom effortlessly adorned herself in an array of sumptuous dresses and gowns, both on and off the screen, ranging from sleek fishtail dresses to regal caped ensembles to voluminous gowns. In this archival tribute to her style, we revisit some of her most iconic moments and looks.


The star appeared striking in red, her low-cut dress mirroring her bold spirit and the captivating aura she exuded on and off screen.


Stamatis Vassiliou and Marcel collaborated on the design of the 1955 film poster for 'Al-Gassad,' capturing the star's allure. She is depicted in a crimson dress that clings to her like a second skin, striking a seductive pose.


With a zesty flair, Rostom reaffirms her status as a seductress as she bites into what appears to be lemons, plucked straight from the branch.


In an old, vintage version of El Kawkab’s 1960 October issue, Rostom is hoisted on a cushion chair in a baby blue short dress, with her coiled, blonde locks in a bob and eyes lined with black kohl.


A siren in shimmering fabric, Rostom stuns in the strapless dress and voluminous hair.


If this image of Hind Rostom fails to seduce you, we're not sure what will. Commanding all attention, she is adorned in lace, a delicate web that barely conceals the curves of her figure, accentuated by the structured corset bodice.


Perched atop a vintage luxury car, Rostom displays the bold and brazen side of her personality that endeared her to the Egyptian public. Sporting a preppy aesthetic, the actress dons a blue and white striped shirt paired with white pants, topped off with a stylish hat.


On the cover of the Lebanese magazine, Rostom opts for a more subdued look, pairing a basic black top with coiffed hair and nude lipstick. She accessories with a traditional Egyptian 'ola', featuring an etching of a farmer holding another 'ola'.


In a glamorous display, the late actress adorns herself in a luxurious ensemble as she gazes at her reflection in the mirror. Draped in white fur, her hands are clad in satin gloves, while her voluminous hair is styled to perfection, embodying the essence of Hind Rostom.


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