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Shaaban Abdelrehim's Most Memorable Looks

We delve into the ‘Ana Bakrah Israel’ star’s outlandish wardrobe and larger-than-life accessories.

Mai El Mokadem

Shaaban Abdelrehim's Most Memorable Looks

From his early days of working as a makwagi, to his rise to stardom singing shaabi songs with political undertones, Egyptian legend Shaaban Abdelrehim caused his fair share of controversy until his passing in 2019, and left his mark in the hall of Egyptian singers.

His hit ‘Ana Bakrah Israel’ still gets quoted to this day, and dare we say his other smash hit ‘Habatal El Sagayer’ has motivated generations into quitting cigarettes and lifting weights - namely, ‘men awel yanayer’? You ponder on that, while we delve into the star’s outlandish wardrobe and larger-than-life accessories…

Shaabola in front of ‘Shaabola Cafe’ (2000s)

What’s better than having a cafe named after you? Here, Abdelrehim stands in front of ‘Shaabola’, a coffee shop that goes by his nickname, shining in a neon green and black suit and striking a pose (he knows how iconic this is).

Shaabola throws a peace sign (2000s)

It’s like he knows metallics are in this season. Shaaban Abdelrehim mixes fluorescent orange with gold and a touch of metallic orange, in a multi-patterned jacket with vertical stripes and the matching pants, of course. He threw on a contrasting scarf for that extra oomph.

Shaabola’s dinner with his rumoured second wife (2016)

Ditching the matching pants this time, Abdelrehim works that yellow and blue combo alongside his rumoured second wife. Among all the pictures of them feeding each other gateaux and gazing soulfully into each other's eyes, this was the mildest of the bunch.

Shaabola raises his hands in prayer (2010s)

While the outfit may seem minimalist, the singer jazzes it up with his stacks of gold bracelets, big rings and dangling necklace. Oh, and there’s an iconic picture of him in the back if you hadn’t noticed.

Shaabola goes on vacation (2010s)

The patterned bucket hat, the oval sunglasses, the sequined skull shirt - it’s almost too much, yet Abdelrehim somehow makes it work. He even mixes silver and gold, but he’s not known for following the rules of fashion now, is he?

Shaabola performs with Mahmoud Abdelaziz (2000s)

It seemed like everyone was a fan of Shaabola. Mahmoud Abdelaziz is seen bopping to the groove and tunes of the shaabi singer, while Abdelrehim sports a more muted floral suit.

Shaabola promotes his movie ‘A Citizen, A Detective & a Thief’ (2001)

Shaaban Abdelrehim and Khaled Abol Naga pose while promoting their hit 2001 movie, ‘A Citizen, A Detective & a Thief’. Wearing denim-on-denim, the folk singer rocks his usual gold jewellery and adds a striking belt.

Shaabola rocks a Barbie Moment (2000s)

The Egyptian megastar solidifies his status as a fashion icon with this bright fuschia jacket, and same-coloured shoes to match because Shaabola is not one to miss out on the details.


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