Monday May 27th, 2024
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SceneStyled Picks: Our Favourite Skincare Brands from the MENA Region

BHAs and AHAs are the new ‘It’ power couple.

Mai El Mokadem

SceneStyled Picks: Our Favourite Skincare Brands from the MENA Region

If you’re not using sunscreen daily, what are you doing? From spending hours on TikTok creating whacky natural remedies straight out of the kitchen, and spending hours on YouTube watching Hyram, writing down notes avidly, we think we’re pretty versed on skincare. Dermatologists, step aside.

For centuries, the people of the Middle East harnessed the power of natural ingredients and rituals to achieve healthy, glowing complexions. Today, these ancient beauty secrets meet modern science in the ever-growing realm of regional skincare brands. From luxurious formulas infused with homegrown oils to innovative solutions inspired by the Dead Sea's minerals, MENA skincare is rewriting the rules of beauty…


Green Bar is a Bahraini skincare brand reviving those ancient Arabian healing traditions we were just talking about. Their locally-made products, made and inspired by botanicals, offer a natural and effective alternative for face, body, and even home care. Green Bar sources ingredients from founder Reem al Khalifa's own family garden, as well as local partners.

Our Favourite Product? The Pearl Toner


Driven by a mother's love, Jordanian Amina Mango created a line of safe, organic skincare solutions. Amina's journey began with a need for non-toxic products for her children with sensitive skin. The result? Amina's Natural Skincare, featuring a range of body and skincare products addressing specific concerns by providing safe, organic ingredients.

Our Favourite Product? Rosehip Seed Oil Dropper


Palestinian-American entrepreneur Ahlam Abbas couldn't find natural skincare solutions, so she created her own. A handcrafted, gender-neutral skincare line inspired by her cooking staples (yes, you heard that right), The Dirty Lamb offers vegan and cruelty-free products for all skin types, committed to clean beauty.

Our Favourite Product? The Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub


Clean and cruelty-free as well, Godly Pride is an Egyptian brand that was created to enhance, rather than conceal. They do skincare-infused makeup, they do serums, they do creams. Channelling Cleopatra and the Italian Renaissance (with the spirit of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice), this brand is paraben-free.

Our Favourite Product? The Rebirth Salicylic Acid Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser


Inspired by the founder’s journey with vitiligo, this all-natural, Emirati skincare line caters to sensitive skin, especially that in the Middle Eastern climate. Free of harsh chemicals and infused with love (with the extra ‘L’ in its name), these gentle, nourishing products are free of gluten, parabens, sulphates and fragrances.

Our Favourite Product? The Oat Kernel Oil Like Essence


Special formula for darker skin tones from two Somali and Yemeni/Lebanese women? We’re screaming yes. Targeting hyperpigmentation and curating slow skincare that goes against the grain of overconsumption, Hue’s products ditch the 12-step-skincare formula, and aim to create products that have it all in one (as safely as possible).

Our Favourite Product? The SUPRA-FADE ‘Dark Spot Night Serum’


Saudi Arabia's first handcrafted skincare line, MZN Bodycare, was born from a spa party, where the response was so positive it turned into a business. The founder’s passion for natural ingredients led her to create luxurious, organic body care products that are as kind to your skin as they are to the environment.

Our Favourite Product? The Moisturizing Body Oil with Powder


Shirley Conlon, a London-trained cosmetologist, brought holistic beauty to Dubai with this skincare brand crafted with organic ingredients. From cleansers to creams, the products are artfully and consciously designed for skin in hot and humid climates. No two batches are identical, but those differences just go to show how organic and consciously-slow their production process is.

Our Favourite Product? The Night Repair Serum - Bakuchiol - Retinol


Dubai's Camel Soap Factory harnesses the Bedouins' ancient wisdom of camel milk's benefits. Their handcrafted, camel milk-based Castile soap bars are packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging ingredients, making them a luxurious and go-to-choice for healthy, radiant skin, with products specifically-designed for babies or simply face washing.

Our Favourite Product? The Camel Milk Soap Bar - Vanilla Wood


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