Friday June 14th, 2024
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Sara Mrad Makes Waves with ‘Ripples in the Wind’ Couture Collection

This ethereal line takes inspiration from the movement of nature.

Catherine Johnson

Sara Mrad Makes Waves with ‘Ripples in the Wind’ Couture Collection

Sara Mrad’s newest collection, ‘Ripples in the Wind,’ is sweeping us away with its stunning use of texture. Just like the winds and waves that inspired this collection, the gowns in this drop balance delicacy with strength. They froth and flow around their model’s bodies in a whirl of soft pastels, sometimes appearing to float through the air, sometimes appearing to cut through it.

The impact of the natural world on Mrad’s newest collection is at times subtle, and at other times explicit. The drop’s third piece, a gown called Derya, is a vision of shimmering pink overlaid with scarlet seaweed motifs. These designs roll over the piece’s surface, bringing to mind the undulating movement of the undersea world. A voluminous Paris Mikado cape adds a final touch of drama to the look, evoking the depth and power of the ocean.

Mrad’s use of light, airy fabrics – organza, silk, taffeta and tulle – allow her to create designs that appear almost weightless. However, the designer is not afraid to experiment with more structural designs. In her collection’s second gown, Orla, a dramatic golden ribbon coils around an elegant sheath dress. The flowing lines of its hand-pleated lame fabric suggest a certain unstoppable movement, bringing to mind the power and grace of the rivers that carve their way through canyons.

Overall, Mrad’s crisp pleats, billowing capes, and fluttering details are a masterclass in movement, and they work together to create a cohesive collection that is as timeless as the forces that inspired it. Our SceneStyled picks from the ‘Ripples in the Wind’ collection would have to include the drop’s thirteenth piece, Serene. Voluminous waves foaming with pearls crash around this gown’s neckline, while intricate beading twists over its opalescent surface. In a single piece, Mrad captures the liminal moment a wave breaks against a shore; a moment as tranquil as it is dynamic. Dynamic tranquility, delicate strength, powerful grace; Mrad’s latest collection captures the tensions and contradictions of nature. Perhaps that is the secret to how a line that is so clearly tied to the natural world can appear so otherworldly.


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