Friday May 24th, 2024
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Moroccan Label Bakchic Drops a Cerulean SS’24 Collection

All about the blues.

Mai El Mokadem

Moroccan Label Bakchic Drops a Cerulean SS’24 Collection

Bakchic is intimately familiar with the colour blue. The Moroccan brand delights in incorporating the deep tones of the ocean and the myriad shades of the sky into their ethical, ready-to-wear collections, and their new Spring/Summer '24 collection continues this tradition. Aptly named 'The Blue Harbour Collection,' this line features pieces named after special locations in the medina or beautiful Berber words, firmly anchoring the fashion to its indigenous roots.

In a whimsical nod to Moroccan heritage, the brand introduces garments like the 'Annela' dress, named after the Berber word for the Henna plant and the 'Two Days In Chefchaouen' top. Succumbing to the allure of sapphire, the brand crafts silk dresses and billowing kaftans that ripple like waves in the Mediterranean sea during a summer tempest. The collection's range of trousers - including both the 'Zeghanghane Cotton-Blend Lamé Wide Leg Pants' and the 'Massa Lace-Trimmed Wide Leg Pants - are cut as sharply as the prow of a ship slicing through ocean waves.

From intricate embroidery to cotton-blend fabrics and bold prints, Bakchic explores shades of green, gold, white, and black to complement and contrast with the summer sky's palette. While the chic pieces lend themselves to endless mixing and matching, the brand's website features a 'How to Wear It' section brimming with stylish suggestions and recommendations, offering a truly personalised experience.

Bakchic fully embraces the expanse of blue, a recurring motif in their branding. From tranquil blues to deep oceanic hues, Bakchic's designs forge a connection with the natural world and the spiritual realm. 'Blue, the colour symbolising the sky and heaven, evokes thoughts of the divine,' Bakchic elucidates on their website, shedding light on the themes underlying their colour selection.


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