Friday June 14th, 2024
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Maison Saedi & Actress Miran Abdelwareth Collaborate on Sultry Shoot

“Each look resonated with me on a personal level,” Abdelwareth tells Scene Styled in this exclusive cover, unveiling how each of the Maison Saedi looks brought out the actress in her.

Mai El Mokadem

Maison Saedi & Actress Miran Abdelwareth Collaborate on Sultry Shoot

In a captivating fashion narrative, Maison Saedi and Egyptian actress Miran Abdelwareth take centre stage. The Cairo-based brand reimagines its ‘Solennelle' SS'24 collection for Abdelwareth, presenting it in a way that reflects both the actress’s essence and the designer's artistic vision.

Ahmed Saedi, the founder and creative director of Maison Saedi, teamed up with photographer and art director Mennatullah Hossam, and stylist Hakim Youssif, to collaborate with Abdelwareth on this editorial shoot, aiming to blend their creative vision. “The designs reflect a strong sense of my true character and successfully managed to heighten my essence through their boldness,” Abdelwareth tells Scene Styled.

What began as a 2-look shoot quickly expanded into a 3-look session. “It was nearly impossible to choose from the fitting. Miran looked stunning in every single one,” Saedi explains. “The camera couldn't get enough of Miran.” The three looks included the ‘Apparaissante’ caped dress, the ‘Cadence’ dress - which features a voluminous burnt amber skirt –  and the ‘Ivory Bold Shirt’ from his RTW collection, styled with a striking red leather jacket. “My favourite look is the caped dress, ‘Apparaissante,’” Abdelwareth explains. “Without the cape, I felt like a delicate, soft butterfly. With the cape on, I felt so powerful and compelling. It simply showcases the beauty of Saedi’s designs - the complexity and contradictions within the character.”

Each of Saedi’s looks evoked a different reaction from the actress, ranging from the edgy yet understated RTW ensembles to the glamorous high-fashion styles."Every look resonated with me on a personal level. It actually made posing more intuitive, because each outfit exuded its own  personality, drawing out a character within me. As an actress, it felt like embodying different roles,” the actress unveiled.

"We clicked with Miran instantly. Her energy as she loved every look was contagious, her enthusiasm meeting ours,” Saedi recalls, believing that this great synergy and connection is what made the shoot what it is. “I believe in the unconventional sense of fashion that Saedi has,” Abdelwareth added, “The team knew exactly who to get on board so the whole shoot ended up in beautiful harmony.”

“Abdelwareth expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the team, stating, “I don't think this would have turned out the same without those two,” referring to Hossam and Youssif. “When you have a team that you've been working with, and who know your aesthetics like the back of their hands, the entire operation, including challenges, runs smoothly,” Saedi agrees, emphasising the significance of a cohesive creative team.


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