Friday April 12th, 2024
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Anippe’s Latest Collection Finds Its Muse In 'Resilient Beauty'

Drawing from nature, the Egyptian label’s latest collection seeks to showcase the strength and beauty of a woman's resilience.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Anippe’s Latest Collection Finds Its Muse In 'Resilient Beauty'

Ever-inspired by nature, homegrown Egyptian fashion label Anippe has released their newest collection, ‘Resilient Beauty’. Drawing design elements from the strength and sculpting seen in resilient rocks, the label portrays an empowering narrative of withstanding difficulties while maintaining an innate beauty.

Pieces throughout the collection convey power, stability and evolution, with structured leather coats and corseted silhouettes highlighting aspects of protection and fortitude. Cut-outs play with concepts of vulnerability and resilience, while layering textures and ruched details represent the character developed from life's experiences.

“The initial spark of inspiration came from reflecting on the innate strength and resilience of women.” Shaza Khedr, Founder and Creative Director of Anippe, tells SceneStyled. “Rocks embody strength, stability, and the sculpting force of time, representing how life's challenges shape, yet do not diminish, our core strength. This serves as a reminder that strength and femininity can coexist harmoniously.”

Each piece in the 'Resilient Beauty' collection tells a story of transformation. The Red Wine coat boasts a knee-length sculpted profile in leather, the Glazy corset and skirt play with asymmetry, and the Lucita dress combines solid fabric with see-through lace.

As Creative Director Shaza Khedr's favourite, the biker-inspired black leather coat stands out with sharp contours, an exaggerated belt for strength, and bronze buttons for added intricacy. Complementing the conceptual themes, earthy colours echo hues commonly seen in weathered stone formations. Tones such as deep red, sandy orange, olive green and stone red populate the collection.

“This collection aims to express appreciation for the resilience of all women as they overcome daily struggles in pursuit of their dreams.”

Through innovative silhouettes and layered textures, Anippe conveys appreciation for navigating life's challenges. Honouring perseverance against struggles echoes nature's resilience, akin to rocks withstanding forces yet emerging more beautiful.


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