Friday June 14th, 2024
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Select 244: Mixed by Masry

For this Select, the seasoned Egyptian DJ brings a multi-textured acid house set with hardgroove progression and breakbeat.

Scene Noise

Select 244: Mixed by Masry

Egyptian DJ Masry has been captivating regional and local audiences with his dynamic sets and waving textures of acid house.

Having started his musical career DJing in clubs across Egypt’s coastal city of Sharm El-Sheikh during its heyday, Masry has recently become a regular in the region’s dance circuit, going from opening to Dekmantel Soundsystem DJ Thomas Martojo in Cairo to playing Dubai’s iconic Hence parties. He has also been manning decks in some of Lebanon’s most famous clubs, including Beirut Ballroom Blitz, where he performed alongside Lebanese veteran DJ Eli Atala. Meanwhile, earlier last year, he performed at MDLBEAST’s prestigious Soundstorm Festival in Riyadh. 

For Select 244, the seasoned DJ crafts some futuristic sounds, masterfully combining hardgroove progression with resonating raw vocals, aptly sampled from African tribal music. The set opens with brooding yet ambient drones, before quickly unravelling into heavy synth waves and repetitive wonky basslines. Energetic and kind of crunchy in a way, the set paints the image of an alien rising in the midst of a jungle. Listen to the full set here:   


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