Friday June 14th, 2024
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This Dual Exhibition at Cairo Food Week Asks 'Who Controls Our Food?'

It serves as a catalyst for conversation about the pround impacts of agicultural cycles in our daily lives.

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This Dual Exhibition at Cairo Food Week Asks 'Who Controls Our Food?'

In an era where the nuances of food production often remain obscured by industrial agriculture and evolving environmental patterns, Cairo Food Week unveiled a dual exhibition titled: ‘Does a River Shape a Table?’ and ‘Threads.’ These exhibits shed light on the intricate nexus between agriculture, culture, and ecological resilience through the mediums of art and scientific exploration.

Curated by Marwa Benhalim, an artist and curator committed to tackling pressing societal issues through creative expression, the showcase boasts a diverse array of artworks, films, botanical specimens, and installations.

Featuring the works of Roger Anis, Yasmine El Meleegy, Magdy El-Gohary, and Rehab El Dalil, these exhibits explore themes ranging from agricultural legacy and environmental sustainability to the socio-political dimensions of food production. Enhanced by a film by Saad Nadim from the Nadim Foundation, botanical specimens from the Mazhar Botanic Garden Herbarium, an installation from Nawaya, and tapestries from the esteemed Wissa Wassef Art Centre, the exhibition offers a comprehensive immersion into agricultural ecosystems.

Meanwhile, ‘Threads,’ curated by the Peruvian gastronomic authorities at Mater, draws inspiration from the Andes Mountains and the multitude of rivers coursing through them. This exhibit underscores the indispensable role of these ecosystems in sustaining both wildlife and human livelihoods. Through a fusion of corn husks, Amazonian palm fibers, cactus threads, and clay, the exhibition seeks to encapsulate the essence of these landscapes and transport it indoors, weaving a narrative deeply rooted in the earth.

Both exhibitions urge visitors to reassess the intricate interplay between food, culture, and power dynamics on local and global stages alike. The dual exhibition is open to the public at the Grand Egyptian Museum from May 10th to 18th.


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