Friday June 14th, 2024
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Saudi Thrash Metal Band Dune Release 'Refuge' From Debut EP

After a long hiatus, the band returns to unveil their latest single from their debut EP ‘Years of Chains’ in hopes of reviving the slowly fading Arabic metal scene.

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Saudi Thrash Metal Band Dune Release 'Refuge' From Debut EP

Veteran Saudi thrashers Dune are back after a lengthy hiatus to unleash their newest single, ‘Refuge’, as a taste of their debut EP, ‘Years of Chains’. The track is a headbanging homage to the golden age of 80s thrash metal, brimming with heavy, rapid-fire distorted guitar riffs, soul-crushing vocals, and pummeling drums. Gloomy, ominous lyrics explore themes of guilt and despair, further deepening the melancholic and aggressive soundscape.

Scheduled for release this May, Dune's ‘Years of Chains’ clocks in at five tracks with hopes of re-energizing the genre amidst a decline in the Arab world's metal scene.


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