Friday July 19th, 2024
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Rap of the Week | May 31 - June 6

This edition of our playlist highlights works by Belly, El Rass and Abyusif.

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Rap of the Week | May 31 - June 6

In this edition of our Rap of the Week playlist, we highlight hip-hop releases from across the MENA region including tracks by Belly, Abyusif and El Rass. Palestinian-Canadian rapper and singer Belly returns with his second full-length album, titled '96 Miles From Bethlehem', after a hiatus.

The album reflects on his formative years in Palestine and sheds light on the circumstances endured by the Palestinian people amidst the ongoing war in Gaza and Rafah. In the track ‘Maktub’, Belly collaborates with fellow Palestinian singer Elyanna for a poignant piece, making it a standout from the album. Next is Lebanese rapper El Rass with his new single release, titled ‘Zaytoun’.

Here, he also explores the concept of a free Palestine, asking questions in a contemplative manner against the backdrop of a chill, laid-back instrumental created by El Rass himself. We have the latest collaboration between Abyusif, Freek and Big Moe in the track called ‘ALANKE’, in which Abyusif and Freek exchange verses with an aggressive and hard-hitting flow over the experimental beat crafted by Big Moe.


Abyusif - ALANKE ft. Freek & Big Moe

El Rass - Zaytoun

Didine Canon 16 ft. EL GARRA - Walou

Belly - Maktub ft. Elyanna

Iamellem - Drop Some (feat. ELKVP)

Ahmed Mamba - Tawqee3

Konstancy - Nomad

Slow - 3arakeet


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