Friday June 14th, 2024
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Audio Bus: The Cairo-based Platform Democratizing Music Production

SceneNoise talks to Mostafa Adel, founder of Audio Bus about the resources the platform provides to producers around the region.

Scene Noise

Audio Bus: The Cairo-based Platform Democratizing Music Production

Cover Photo by Hossam Ezzat

Audio Bus is a music production educational platform operating out of Cairo, Egypt, where beginners can comfortably navigate the daunting world of music production through their comprehensive courses. Founded by Mostafa Adel, the platform has helped guide producers along the early stages of their careers by offering in depth courses on the fundamentals of music production using Ableton Live.

Their Instagram page also offers insightful short videos in which guest producers share their workflow tricks, a feature that is valuable to beginner and advanced producers alike, and recently, Audio Bus had launched the first iteration of their Advanced Sound Design course, where they went over creating sounds from scratch using sophisticated processing techniques and creative recording practices, for more seasoned music producers to develop their skill sets. In this video, we sat down with founder Mostafa Adel to go over the platform’s inception, the platform’s various courses and programs, and some of the projects they have planned for the future.

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