Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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6 Albums to Get You Into Arab Indie Rock

The SceneNoise team selects 6 essential albums that defined Arabic indie rock.

Scene Noise

6 Albums to Get You Into Arab Indie Rock

The Arabic indie rock scene reached its zenith in the early 2010s, with a surge of bands and artists across the MENA region pushing the boundaries of Arab rock. This wave of artists emerged during the Arab Spring, becoming a powerful voice for the youth yearning for freedom and self-expression. From Mashrou' Leila in Lebanon to Cairokee in Egypt, Jordan's vibrant alternative rock scene exemplified by El-Morabba3, Jadal, and Akher Zapheer, and countless others, these artists redefined the landscape of Arab music.

To help you explore the Arabic indie and alternative rock scene, SceneNoise has curated a selection of six essential albums. This list features classics like Mashrou' Leila's self-titled debut, Converse Culture by Akher Zapheer, and Mariam Saleh's Mesh Baghanny. Find the list below.

Mashrou’ Leila - Mashrou’ Leila 

Jadal - El Makina

El Morabba3 - El Morabba3

Maryam Saleh - Mesh Baghanny

Autostrad - Autostrad 

Akher Zapheer - Converse Culture


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