Monday May 27th, 2024
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Via Riyadh’s Restaurants Craft Ramadan Menu for Delicious Dining Event

These five restaurants have put together limited-edition menus in a luxurious Ramadan celebration.

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Via Riyadh’s Restaurants Craft Ramadan Menu for Delicious Dining Event

Via Riyadh is celebrating Ramadan with special menus from a multitude of restaurants. With a chic yet traditional atmosphere and a tantalising array of flavours, the ‘Majlis, Ramadan Nights’ dining experience, organised by Saudi lifestyle brand Cool Inc, is just the place to gather with your loved ones to break your fast. With Ramadan opening hours stretching from 5 PM to 2 AM, you have plenty of time to partake in the luxury of this dining event. And if you’re in Jeddah this holiday season, Cool Inc’s second location at the Jeddah Yacht club has a whole different lineup of restaurants ready to spice up your holiday meals.

Majlis, Ramadan Nights at Via Riyadh:


Take your tastebuds on a trip to India this Ramadan season with Gymkhana. Their set Ramadan menu starts with succulent samosas and perfect pakoras, then introduces you to your choice of mains courses: kid goat keema or the crowd-pleasing chicken tikka. Still not full? The feast keeps going, with prawn curry,  butter masala and lamb biryani, followed by your choice of traditional Indian sweets or fresh fruit. This menu is priced at SAR 285 per person.

Over Under

For a Ramadan experience that feels a bit more like home, visit Over Under. Featuring a mix of hot and cold bites – including Ramadan favourites like Wara Enab and Motabbal, as well as the less-than-traditional crispy cheese fingers – this restaurant offers plenty of grazing options before it delivers its main course: angus beef Moussaka. And if you have more room after that, squeeze in some traditional desserts: creamy cheese kunafa or a heavenly Umm Ali. This experience is priced at SAR 285 per person.


If you’re intimidated by a set-menu but like the sounds of a mezze spread, check out Ferdi instead for a selection of mezze and à la carte options. And make sure you try their season’s special: chicken and sweetcorn soup.


For traditional flavours with a French twist, head to café ELLE. Bringing a sophisticated twist to classic dishes like fetteh, meat galette, mincemeat-stuffed murtabak, and more, this restaurant would be a great spot for a Ramadan rendezvous. End with a cheesecake Hanini and a side of seasonal tête-à-tête.

Joan’s on Third

Wherever you dine, make sure you pass by the Joan’s on Third pop-up for an incredible desert. Their array of confectioneries are sure to tempt you into squeezing in a little extra sweetness before the sun comes up.


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