Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Saudi Manga Artist Wins Coveted International Manga Award

Samah Kamel won the award for her personal story “Taif” which shines a light on raising a child with autism.

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Saudi Manga Artist Wins Coveted International Manga Award

In a ceremony celebrating cultural exchange, Japanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Fumio Iwai presented Saudi illustrator Samah Kamel with one of manga's top accolades. Kamel earned the coveted 17th International Manga Award for her personal story “Taif,” told through the graphic Japanese animation style of manga.

Through “Taif,” Kamel shines a light on raising her own autistic daughter and the challenges faced by those with neurodivergent conditions.

Kamel is the first Saudi creator honored through the esteemed Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs program, Kamel's win represents the blossoming of regional talent in manga on a global stage. The ambassador commended Kamel and the Saudi platform Manga Arabia for fostering manga fandom beyond Japan. Their local adaptations bring culturally relevant stories on history, sustainability and more to Middle Eastern audiences.

Accessible through Manga Arabia's kids app, "Taif" is both stirring and promotes greater social inclusion.


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