Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Parisienne Hotspot Ladurée is Now in Saudi’s Riyadh Park

The Riyadh leg of the popular macaron maker is just as fluffy as its metropolitan counterparts.

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Parisienne Hotspot Ladurée is Now in Saudi’s Riyadh Park

Is there such a thing as a ‘culinary bucket list’? Does everyone secretly have a ‘food wonders of the world’ spreadsheet nestled amongst computer paraphernalia - colour coded by continent and filtered by subcultures? If there was such a phenomenon, Ladurée macarons are statistically speaking, high up on the list for many food globe-trotters out there. The subtle crunch of their sugar-based coating is perhaps as devilishly adrenaline inducing as summiting mount Everest (please refrain from fact checking) and their butter-riddled filling has been proven (by food enthusiasts) to replicate the same emotions you’d encounter post standing atop the Eiffel Tower. More than 160 years have defined and iterated Ladurée’s macaron legacy, and their recent expansion into Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Park is no exception.

At Ladurée’s Riyadh Park leg, you’ll find the same fixtures, furnishings and finishing touches that define the heritage brand’s in-store experience. Whilst there are some wanderers who’ve idolised the notion of a ‘tiny blue box’ (cough cough), others have cleverly opted for the comforting glisten of Ladurée’s green and gold packaging. It has somehow managed to, in its sleek presence, define wedding proposals, Valentine’s day ‘I love yous’, ‘world’s best boss’ promotion parties and the classic ‘you finally did it’ graduation ceremonies. In short, some of the best moments of our lives were punctuated by pistachio, rose and salted caramel flavoured Ladurée macarons.

Taking the cake (pun intended) for ‘not-to-be-missed’ confectionery is, of course, our friend, Ladurée. In all seriousness, there is perhaps nothing more heart wrenching than observing cake crumble across our chin before that first bite is consumed. Therefore, when Ladurée presents you with the opportunity to indulge in - free of stained shirts - rich, creamy cake, you take it. This experience, coupled with Ladurée’s hotly sought after afternoon tea, are perhaps the reason for its rapidly growing popularity. Major metropolitan cities including London, Tokyo, New York, Cairo and now Riyadh have ushered in the Parisienne hotspot over the years, swiftly embedding it as a staple in their rich culinary catalogue.


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