Monday May 27th, 2024
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Simonds Unveils a Selection of "Eftekasat" for Ramadan

Crème Boûssa, Pistachio Tiramisu, and more. Here are this season’s “eftekasat” by Simonds.

Hassan Tarek

Simonds Unveils a Selection of "Eftekasat" for Ramadan

Cairo’s Simonds Bakery & Cafe is introducing a new line of ‘eftekasat’ to ensure your iftar tables are lined with an array of sweet treats crafted exclusively for the holy month of Ramadan, from cherished classics to innovative delights.


Crème Boûssa is a welcome twist on a classic Ramadan treat. Here you get layers of delicate kunafa embracing a heavenly blend of eshta and luxurious whipped cream.


Delicate ladyfingers soaked in espresso, layered with creamy pistachio goodness that's as luscious as it is irresistible.


Böndokito is a dessert sensation that's as playful as its name. Layers of creamy cream cheese mingling with crunchy biscuits, all crowned with the irresistible crunch of hazelnuts and drizzled with sweet caramel.


Tender shreds of carrot mingling with crunchy nuts and walnuts, all hugged by a decadent swirl of caramel sauce and toffee. And let's not forget the pièce de résistance - a luscious blanket of cream cheese frosting.


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