Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Lebanese Hot Spot Villa Caracas Opens In El Gouna

Beach, sun and Villa Caracas’ makanek - who could want more?

Layla Raik

Lebanese Hot Spot Villa Caracas Opens In El Gouna

For more years than we’d care to count now, Villa Caracas has been our go-to for authentic Lebanese cuisine that we know will be both beautiful in presentation and gobsmackingly delicious. When in doubt, or when asked by non-Cairene friends where we could possibly go for a guaranteeable great lunch, the Maadi Villa on Road 9 is where we go.

This comfort has, at some point, become a problem, though. Because we can’t just pack Villa Caracas in a bag and take it with us everywhere we go, can we? The spot has sufficiently covered Cairene grounds, with three locations all over the city, but what about our summer (and winter) destinations?

Caracas’ newest branch, on El Gouna’s Fanadir Marina, is at last here to save us from hanger-induced beachside uncertainty. You know what that means - instead of running around in a haze looking for somewhere we can comfortably lunch, you can make a straight beeline for Caracas’ makanek and fatteh dejjej without breaking a sweat.


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