Thursday June 20th, 2024
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'ESCĀ Cueva' is New Giza’s Hautest New Fine Dining Concept

Have you ever wanted to dine *under* the dunes of the desert?

Layla Raik

'ESCĀ Cueva' is New Giza’s Hautest New Fine Dining Concept

Luxury hospitality group ESCĀ has long been a celebrator of nature, coming up with new concepts all over the city that each pay an ode to the earthly charm of Egypt’s diverse terrain. In their latest venture, ESCĀ tends to the desert with Cueva.

Translating into ‘cave’ in Latin, ESCĀ Cueva exists as a futuristic cavernous escape in the heart of the New Giza desert, where guests can briefly experience a break from the noise of daily life in Cairo, whilst overlooking Cairo. “What sets Cueva apart from ESCĀ’s other concepts is definitely the privacy and the view,” explains ESCĀ founder Ahmed Heggy, “It’s a villa posing as a cave, perched atop a hill. You can see the entirety of Cairo in quiet seclusion.”

With its modernist interior that mirrors the dunes of our desert, ESCĀ Cueva is raw, earthy and timeless. The restaurant’s unorthodox dining space represents a celebration of nature and art, in which guests can experience the experimental gastronomy, across both food and drink, of ESCĀ.

“Cueva’s architecture, designed by Badie Architects, follows a very simple philosophy: harsh lines hurt. Instead, the spot features softer hues and an arched interior for a more natural look.”

Cueva’s speciality, contemporary dining as directed by culinary director Chef Suzanne Sabah, morphs and changes according to its clientele’s needs. Their lunch starts at 1 PM, with a kids menu for little ones, followed by a more grown-up business lunch at 4. Then, their dinner comes along at 10 PM and all the way to 3 AM, with a nightly DJ that ties all the Cueva elements together.


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