Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Celebrate Ramadan in Lebanese Style With a Decadent Iftar at Fayruz

Fayruz is presenting an exclusive Iftar menu and shisha selection that will elevate your next Ramadan gathering.

Catherine Johnson

Celebrate Ramadan in Lebanese Style With a Decadent Iftar at Fayruz

Fayruz is serving up a taste of the Levant this Ramadan season with exclusive Iftar menus full of traditional Lebanese flavours. This Ramadan experience features six courses, as well as a special Ramadan shisha package that gives you and your loved ones a reason to relax within Fayruz’s golden walls long into the night.

Start your feast with an array of cold and hot mezzes, like creamy hummus and fresh fattouch. Continue your grazing with hot mezzes, including crisp cheese rokkak, succulent sambusek, and more. When you’ve finished all of these bites, it’s time to dig into a steamy tajin; Fayruz boasts a wide selection of tajines that are full of rich sauces and creamy bechamel, with different options offered every day of the week.

For your next course, a traditional soup provides a light break as you prepare yourself for the main event: your mixed grill. Tuck into your choice of veal kebab, chicken tawouk, or kofta, all served with a mouthwatering array of grilled vegetables. Finish it all off with pineapple konafa and pistachio ice cream or a fresh fruit salad that you can wash down with tea or coffee.

Located in the InterContinental Cairo Citystars Hotel, Fayruz will be serving Iftar from 6 PM to 8 PM, with the restaurant staying open until 10 PM. Fayruz’s set Ramadan menu costs EGP 1,090 per person. Make your reservation by calling 0224800009.


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