Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Tuk-Tuk Prices to Be Regulated by Each Governorate

This new law follows recent amendments to tuk-tuk licensing, which now costs EGP 600 instead of EGP 115.

Cairo Scene

Tuk-Tuk Prices to Be Regulated by Each Governorate

In a step to regulate the operation of tuk-tuks across Egypt, a specific section of traffic law has been amended such that tuk-tuk prices will now be regulated by the local government within each governorate.

The new amendment means that leadership in each governorate will have to reach a consensus on the fares charged by tuk-tuk drivers, joining the ranks of already-regulated modes of transportation such as taxis, buses and trains. Earlier in March 2024, parliament altered the licensing law for tuk-tuks, increasing the licence plate fee from EGP 115 to EGP 600.

Whilst this law seeks to regulate the use of tuk-tuks, some areas have been swift to ban the vehicles - they have been prohibited in New Cairo since March 2023. Meanwhile, the government announced in 2022 that it is working to build a locally-produced alternative to the tuk-tuk, which will be safer, quieter, and more environmentally friendly. A release date for this made-in-Egypt alternative is yet to be announced.


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