Friday June 14th, 2024
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Journalists Syndicate Condemns Ban on Funeral Coverage by Awqaf

The decision by the Ministry of Awqaf to ban the filming of funerals has received backlash from the Journalists Syndicate.

Cairo Scene

Journalists Syndicate Condemns Ban on Funeral Coverage by Awqaf

The Journalists Syndicate Council has rejected the decision issued by the Ministry of Awqaf to prohibit the filming of funerals, whether inside or outside mosques. The council stated that no entity or individual has the right to impose a ban on filming in a manner that contradicts the constitution, which grants journalists the right to carry out their duties without prior guardianship or censorship.

The Syndicate clarified that such decisions would be considered an assault on journalists' rights to fulfill their duties and deprive citizens of their right to information. The council reaffirmed that setting rules for practicing the profession is solely within the jurisdiction of the Journalists Syndicate, in accordance with the law and the constitution. Moreover, it stressed that while any violation of privacy and the sanctity of death is condemned, it should not serve as a pretext for expanding restrictions and prohibitions.

The Syndicate has also implemented regulatory guidelines for funeral and mourning coverage through its photojournalists' branch.


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