Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Interior Ministry’s New Smart Police Car Can Recognise Wanted Persons

The smart vehicle features six AI-powered cameras capable of determining potential criminal behaviour, and a roof-deployed drone for capturing photos and film.

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Interior Ministry’s New Smart Police Car Can Recognise Wanted Persons

The Saudi Ministry of Interior has revealed its new smart security vehicle at the 2024 World Defence Exhibition.

The technology-packed car takes advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence, capable of identifying vehicles violating traffic laws, as well as identifying wanted people. It can even determine their behaviour by reading facial expressions via its six built-in cameras. The car also carries a drone on its roof, which can be deployed to film and photograph potential criminal activity, without putting police officers’ lives at risk.

The vehicle has been developed in partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and electric car manufacturer Lucid, which opened its Saudi factory in Jeddah’s King Abdullah Economic in December 2023. This facility aims to produce 5,000 cars annually, with an eventual annual production goal of 155,000 electric vehicles.

The implementation of a smart fully-electric police car is the latest phase in the Saudi Green Initiative launched in 2021, which includes a full suite of sustainability efforts designed to accelerate the pace of the Kingdom’s long-term plan for climate action. The three overarching objectives of the plan are reducing carbon emissions, reforesting Saudi Arabia and protecting existing ecological areas on land and at sea.


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