Friday July 19th, 2024
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Egyptian Actress Malak Badawi Releases New Single ‘Mesh Gaya’

The video for the debut single was filmed in Mallorca, Spain, and explores a new experience for the actress.

Cairo Scene

Egyptian Actress Malak Badawi Releases New Single ‘Mesh Gaya’

After having made a name for herself in the third season of ‘Al Ekhtiyar’ and the Arabic adaptation of ‘Suits’, Egyptian actress Malak Badawi is stepping into music with the release of her debut single, ‘Mesh Gaya’.

“I wanted to create a reggaeton song with an Egyptian twist,” Badawi tells CairoScene. “It was experimental in nature, but such a fun experience. It was a hassle, but the final product was something I was proud of.”

Badawi’s main message from the song was to “showcase feminine energy,” which she attempted to convey through the catchy chorus to the wardrobe she wore in the accompanying music video, which was filmed in Mallorca, Spain. “I always thought of what Shakira would create if she had married an Egyptian and been influenced by the culture,” Badawi says. “I loved the creative process, I worked on the fonts, the lighting, design and location. I was involved in everything from top to bottom.”

To all those wondering, Badawi says she’s still going to pursue her acting career, but she adds that, “I don’t see myself as just an actress, I’m an artist. Working on creative projects makes me feel alive, so I’m going to keep working on different projects I love.”

The music video for ‘Mesh Gaya’ is available to watch on YouTube.


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