Friday April 19th, 2024
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Dubai’s Creek Tower Will Be ‘Female’ Counterpart To The Burj Khalifa

The Tower will be part of the same development as the AI-designed ‘indoor city’, ‘Dubai Square’.

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Dubai’s Creek Tower Will Be ‘Female’ Counterpart To The Burj Khalifa

New plans have been announced for the new Dubai Creek Tower, re-envisioning it as a ‘female’ version of the Burj Khalifa and turning it into a ‘new downtown’ for Dubai.

The Dubai Creek Harbour project encompasses huge developments in the water-adjacent area, with plans announced by Emaar also encompassing an enormous mixed-use development called ‘Dubai Square’, a 2.6 million square metre AI-designed ‘indoor city’ with 10,000 residential units and over 1,500 hotel rooms. Once completed, the Creek Tower will even allow customers to drive personal electric vehicles though the building.

The announcement of these plans comes after the original intent to build a new world record breaking skyscraper was scrapped after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. What’s more, with most buildings in dubai no taller than 50 stories, developers realised that it made little sense to build another enormously tall tower which nobody would be able to see from their windows anyway. New plans suggest a more modest tower, relative to the stiff competition of Dubai’s vast concrete-and-glass jungle.


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