Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Cultures & Peoples Festival Celebrates Unity in Madinah

The festival promises cultural exchange activities with a week of events catered for students and families.

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Cultures & Peoples Festival Celebrates Unity in Madinah

The 12th edition of the Cultures and Peoples Festival has been inaugurated by the Governor of Madinah in collaboration with the Islamic University. This event serves as a celebration of diversity and unity, fostering cross-cultural communication, and encouraging collective collaboration among festival goers.

With participation from students representing 95 countries, the festival offers over 43 activities and events designed to engage families, children, and the wider community. From captivating performances to enlightening exhibitions, the festival aims to attract over 100,000 visitors, offering them an immersive experience that celebrates the essence of Saudi Coffee Day, Arabic Poetry Day, and other cultural milestones.

Set against the backdrop of the Year of the Camel 2024, this festival will run until May 6th.


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