Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Tokyo’s Interactive Digital Art Museum is Coming to Jeddah

Japanese art collective teamLab is launching a futuristic ‘borderless museum’ in Saudi Arabia this summer.

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Tokyo’s Interactive Digital Art Museum is Coming to Jeddah

A new digital-age museum concept will soon be launching in Jeddah, as Japanese art collective teamLab brings its Borderless Museum to the Kingdom. A collaboration between teamLab and the Saudi Ministry of Culture, the Borderless Museum will be the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Opening on the shores of Al-Arbaeen Lagoon in the summer of 2024, the museum will offer visitors views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Jeddah, as well as a curated exhibition of interactive and immersive digital art installations. The intention of the teamLab concept is to showcase ‘art without borders’, and to allow the art pieces to communicate with one another, move across rooms and form a ‘borderless’ museum through digital technology.

The exhibition will be made up of several interconnected bodies of work, including Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and EN TEA HOUSE.


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