Monday April 22nd, 2024
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‘Sports for All’ Federation Hosts Third Riyadh International Marathon

The pop-up Marathon Village will be a hub for food trucks, music and entertainment.

Patrick Davies

‘Sports for All’ Federation Hosts Third Riyadh International Marathon

The third instalment of the Riyadh International Marathon is sprinting into the spotlight on February 10th! Hosted by the Saudi Sports For All Federation (SFA), the festivities will centre around a pop-up Marathon Village, which will invite supporters and guests to enjoy the carnivalesque atmosphere of food trucks, music and activities on February 9th and the 10th.

There will be four different races to cover the full range of ages and athletic ability. Naturally there is a full marathon course, as well as a half-distance race of 21.1km. For those who are new to running, looking for a different challenge, or just generally not crazy enough to run anything close to a marathon, there will also be 10km and 4km races, with the latter open to children with adult supervision.

The first Riyadh Marathon in 2022 was notably the first official full marathon ever to take place in Saudi Arabia. Since then people from across the running world have flocked to take part in what is quickly becoming a global event.


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