Thursday June 20th, 2024
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May Elghety to Play Asmahan in Charles Dance’s ‘Hindsight’ Podcast

Actress May Elghety will depict the legendary Syrian-Egyptian singer in ‘Hindsight’, produced by Sowt and Al Jazeera English.

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May Elghety to Play Asmahan in Charles Dance’s ‘Hindsight’ Podcast

Egyptian actress May Elghety - known for her roles in horror miniseries ‘Every Week Has a Friday’ (2020), comedy film ‘High School Girls’ (2020) and ‘Clash’ (2016), as well as her recent voice-over work in Disney+'s Africa-based scifi animated series ‘Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire’ (2023) - is set to portray the legendary Syrian-Egyptian singer Asmahan in the upcoming season of Charles Dance's podcast, ‘Hindsight’.

Produced by Al Jazeera English and Sowt, ‘Hindsight’ delves into the lives of history's most iconic figures, allowing them to recount their own biographies through the voices of talented actors and actresses. With Charles Dance's distinctive narration, the podcast immerses listeners in the captivating stories of the past.

Elghety's portrayal of Asmahan is set to explore the singer's life and legacy. Having recently completed recording sessions at the TVC Soho studio in London, the new season of ‘Hindsight’ is scheduled to be released later in 2024.


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