Monday April 15th, 2024
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This is the Story of the Moroccan Label Keeping it in the Family

Founded by a mother and her two daughters, Moroccan Touch is…”a lifestyle; a culture encapsulated.”

Ziyad El-Helbawy

This is the Story of the Moroccan Label Keeping it in the Family

“I’m in love with my country, and that love grows every day…”

As the wanderlusters amongst us know quite well, when traversing the terracotta plains of Morocco, or strolling through its cocooning streets, there is no shortage of vibrant scenics that command the eye. Morocco, with its verdant emeralds, azure blues, and striking neutrals is perhaps where most North African artisans find their muse, and for a certain family, that muse has never faltered.

Founded in 2009 by Fes-hailing Moroccan designer and artisan Hanane Berrada, Moroccan Touch is a label preserving a culture, one caftan at a time. Honouring traditional Moroccan craftsmanship in every seam and stitch, the label's name was serendipitously discovered. When Berrada showcased her initial pieces in 'Caftan Du Maroc' many years ago, she was told one thing: her designs truly possessed that authentic 'Moroccan touch,' laying the first brick for a familial empire.

Today, the prêt-à-porter boutique stands as a fully-fledged family business. Kenza and Ghita Imani, Berrada's two daughters, have joined the trio in dedicating themselves to preserving Morocco’s artistry. They work hand in hand with local craftsmen and women who contribute their invaluable expertise to the label.

With their flagship store headquartered in Marrakech and designed by Kenza Imani, who proudly applied her architectural degree to the label, the brand showcases a diverse range of traditional silhouettes, each imbued with its unique twist or touch. From caftans to Djallabeyas and flowing co-ords, the collection evokes a sense of unbridled national pride while embracing a modern approach that encourages these often event-centric garments to be worn on a daily basis.

“We want to maintain our identity while reinterpreting these traditional silhouettes,” Imani tells SceneStyled. “We utilise so many different fabrics, think Djallabeyas in tweed and modern cuts.” 

With a desire to inject a dose of ‘Moroccan Touch’ to daily facets of living within the Kingdom, the label envisioned versions that served multiple purposes, “we wanted people to go out night and day with a touch of Morocco on their shoulders, and that’s what I’d say we do best; multifunctional attire, something you can wear to dinner, to prayer, to the beach, a culture to showcase in every waking moment.” 

In stunning shades of emerald, stone red, electric blue, and velvety violet, the label’s collections maintain authenticity while remaining modern and simple, “one of the most difficult things for a designer to do is to craft something simple,” Imani reflects. Subdued yet statement making, pieces like the ‘Zafira Kaftan’ epitomise the label’s vision, a soft-flowing v-neck caftan, the Zafira’s detail ‘de resistance’ is the label’s signature shimmering gold embellishments along the collar and sleeves, balancing simplicity and sophistication. 

Alongside the garments, Moroccan Touch further celebrates North African culture with their jewellery line, featuring intricately-detailed motifs inherent to the region’s identity; the Khamsa sign, Amazigh trinkets, and Moroccan flora encapsulated in sterling silver. 

With each item adorned with a traditional Moroccan name, ranging from the 'Zahra Djallabeya' to the 'Abla Kaftan,' the label pays homage to those it cherishes, particularly its enduring clientele, whose names are now quite literally woven into the fabric of the brand. 

A family venture from start to finish, Imani acknowledges that while familial disagreements may be unavoidable, the overall dynamic couldn't be more positive. "We have our disagreements at times, but it's all part of the process. We ultimately complement each other, supporting and understanding one another. While differences may arise, the connection, the strength of our love, and the fact that we're all on the same page constitute our greatest strength."

By preserving centuries-old techniques while introducing refreshed silhouettes, the label has breathed new life into Moroccan attire. Led by a dedicated matriarch and her daughters, Moroccan Touch will surely continue to spread their signature ‘Moroccan touch’ for many years to come.


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