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Styled Archives: Laila Mourad’s Style Legacy

From glamorous evening gowns to traditional Egyptian attire, Mourad's wardrobe reflects sophistication, heritage, and flair.

Ibrahim Wael

Styled Archives: Laila Mourad’s Style Legacy

Laila Mourad, the Egyptian actress and singer, graced the silver screen with her talent and style, captivating audiences for decades. Her voice and screen presence made her a star of the golden age of Egyptian cinema with some of her most memorable films including: ‘Ghazal Al Banat,’ ‘Sayedat Al Qitar,’ and ‘Laila Bint El Aghneya.’ Among her numerous hit songs, ‘Einy Betref’' and ‘Ana Albi Dalili’ stand out as timeless classics. Mourad's contributions to Egyptian music and cinema have left a lasting legacy, making her a cherished actress in the Arab world. Throughout her career, she showcased elegance and sophistication, both on and off-screen, making her a source of inspiration for fashion lovers worldwide.

In this Styled Archives we delve into the world of Laila Mourad's most memorable outfits and looks. From glamorous evening gowns to traditional Egyptian attire, Mourad's wardrobe reflects a harmonious blend of sophistication, heritage, and flair.

Laila Mourad & Abdelhalim Hafez 

Alexandria, 1950s

Laila Mourad is pictured in a flowy pleated dress and classic shirt, accentuated by the belt to perfectly balance proportions. This was ahead of her and Abdelhalim Hafez’s proposed movie which never came to fruition.

Laila Mourad & Naguib El Raihany

El Donia Ghenwa, 1954

One of Mourad’s most successful songs, the video has her serenading Naguib El Raihany while wearing a patterned dress and a black headband.

Laila Mourad 

Cover star of Al-Fan Magazine, 1953 

Laila Mourad is wearing a beautiful red summer dress with yellow detailing which elegantly compliments her yellow headband. Captured beautifully while on a moped.

Laila Mourad & Anwar Wagdy 

Premier of Laila Bent El Fouara, 1945

At the peak of her career, Mourad is pictured wearing a lavish mink coat and donning pearl earrings alongside her then husband Anwar Wagdy and other stars of the cinema scene.

Laila Mourad  

Laila Bent El Aghneya, 1946

Pictured on set, Laila Mourad is seen wearing a traditional abaya and headcover, but the accessories steal the show. A beautiful floral-esque band on her head, hoop earrings with intricate detailing and layered necklaces.

Laila Mourad & Naguib El Raihany 

Einy Betref, 1952

Filmed driving a coupe along with Naguib El Raihany, Mourad is in a black dress with golden accents and bedazzlement across the front and on the shoulders. The outfit is completed with simple draping gold earrings.

Laila Mourad on a Donkey 

Sayedat Al Qitar, 1952

Another still from a movie which depicted the height of Mourad’s dominance in Egyptian cinema. Wearing a full abaya while on a donkey, a photo so simple still seems to look elegant.

Laila Mourad 

Dunia Al-Fan Cover, 1948 

Laila Mourad is pictured in a beautiful and sleek black dress with a cinched waist and a low cut. A beautiful double layer brooch is dangling from the dress while Mourad sports a dazzling gold wrist cuff and an eye-watering diamond ring.

Laila Mourad with Youssef Wahby 

Chanel Dress, 1951 

The final highlight had to be this custom Chanel dress Laila Mourad wore. This was the first ever custom dress Chanel designed for an Arab woman, and who is more fitting to flaunt it than Laila Mourad? Coupled with an intricate diamond necklace and a simple floral wrist cuff, we think this is the creme de la creme of Laila Mourad looks.


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