Friday June 14th, 2024
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Purificacion Garcia’s New Campaign Spotlights Saudi & Qatari Thinkers

This campaign challenges the narrow definition of creativity, which often overlooks the artistic potential within more unconventional forms.

Mai El Mokadem

Purificacion Garcia’s New Campaign Spotlights Saudi & Qatari Thinkers

To celebrate creativity and individuality, Spanish contemporary brand, Purificacion Garcia, has launched its second ‘Thinkers Portrait’ campaign. This campaign, inspired by geometry and design, aims to spotlight the ‘thinkers’ of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, showcasing a curated selection of thirteen creatives from various fields, including artists, designers, florists, wellness experts, athletes, baristas, TV hosts, and podcasters.

"We want to bridge cultures and celebrate the rich creative tapestry that thrives within our community through our Thinkers Portrait Campaign which is part of our PG Universe concept that represents the imaginary of the brand," Purificacion Garcia’s team tells Scene Styled. “Through working with these remarkable individuals, we are able to hopefully inspire more and ever greater visionary talents to rise and find their creative voice.”

Among the people featured are golfer Yasmin Ghanim, athlete and cyclist Lulwa Al-Marri and media artist and XR Designer Hadeer Omar based in Qatar, alongside Saudi talents like tourism and cultural content creator Rajeh, barista and latte artist Mohamed Jojo, graffiti artist Deyaa Rambo, creative consultant and influencer Anum Bashir, and actress and screenwriter Summer Shesha. From Riyadh to Jeddah, each talent’s portrait serves as a window into their unique perspective and contribution to the creative world, like climber Rawnaa Babunjii, florist Nora Hussayni, holistic health and wellness coach Lulu Hamzah, podcaster Mohamed Aboulfaraj and athlete and professional rower Hassan Qadri.

Photographer Lina Mo and videographer Mohammed Jojo (who was featured himself) capture intimate portraits of each talent in their natural workspace, dressed in the brand's Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This campaign aims to bridge the gap between audience and artist, offering a glimpse into the personal stories and creative habitats that shape their work.

As part of the launch, each individual shared their portrait on social media along with a caption delving into their journey and aspirations and, to build connections within creative communities as well and bounce off this positive domino effect.


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