Friday June 14th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Ochre Edition

Is it yellow? Is it orange? Is it brown? Actually, it’s all three.

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Ochre Edition

Derived from the Greek word ‘Ochros’ (meaning yellowish), this shade is an earthy color bathed in mud and gold, full of depth with yellow, red, brown, and orange undertones. Since 2019, Ochre has been steadily on the rise, evidenced by increased online searches for terms like ‘ochre’ and its sister shade ‘burnt orange’, particularly on platforms like Pinterest where searches for ‘ochre living room’ and ‘ochre bedroom’ have surged. Besides home decor, Ochre finds itself present in the world of style as well. While seeking out Ochre, you might encounter it disguised under various names, from ‘mustard yellow’ and ‘light brown’ to ‘amber’ and ‘rust’, but the rich tones of Ochre are likely to be present within these shades.

This ancient hue has appeared in prehistoric cave paintings dating back as far as 35,000 years and featured prominently in Goya’s infamous Black Paintings from the 19th century, where it was one of the very few colours the painter used. Yet, you may most recognize it from your grandparents’ 1970s-era sofas. More recently, Ochre has found its way into fashion, particularly regional fashion. In this list, we highlight regional brands incorporating ‘ochre’ into their pieces and designs.

Taita Leila | Street Taita Jacket

Hailing from Palestine, the ‘feminist social enterprise’, as they call it, hand-embroideries their pieces. Embodying luxury, the brand’s ‘Street Taita Jacket’ is the embodiment of ‘streetwear turned artisanal’.

Bouguessa | Rafael Printed shirt

The contemporary and modern aesthetic meets Ochre in the Rafael Printed Shirt from the Dubai-based brand. Featuring an abstract print painted by designer Faiza Bouguessa herself, the shirt is a multi-colour, artistic blend of fashion and patterns.

Sandra Gargour | Yellow gold earrings

On the more yellowish side of Ochre, the Lebanese jewellery designer sources yellow citrine, lemon quartz, and natural round pearls in one fabulous pair of earrings.

Ausetia | The Sacred Baboons Bomber Jacket

For layering, this bomber jacket from Egyptian Ausetia brings the name ‘Sacred Baboons’ to life with its brown base colour and fun, playful designs and icons.

Elbe | The Middle Sea scarf

The Paris/Tunis based brand designs pieces reigning inspiration from the Mediterranean sea, which makes this ‘Middle Sea’ scarf ring true to its name. Painted in Tunisia, designed in France and produced in Italy, the multicultural scarf embodies diversity in its various prints and rainbow of colours.

Sarah’s Bag | Brass Studded Marquetry

The Brass Studded Marquetry box clutch from Lebanese Sarah’s Bag is carved out of walnut wood and brass, with the handcrafted technique of matching together wooden fragments to create geometric shapes.

Zyne | Marfa

The open boot mule, handwoven from soft leather sfifa trims, is Morocco manifested in footwear. With a chunky heel, these shoes are meticulously designed for comfort, style and a spice of warm colour.

Abadia | Stacked Sadu skirt

The Stacked Sadu skirt is a sexy short little number from the UAE-based brand. The geometric patterns form symmetrical lines on the fabric, creating polychromatic trims.

Aurate New York | Touch of Color Connection necklace

The New York-based brand has a touch of Moroccan inspiration from its Casablanca-born co-founder. Influenced by human connection, this necklace is made of two golden loops, with one in gold and the other in your pick of luxe enamel representing the 12 birthstones of each month. This Ochre shade is more specifically highlighted in the ‘November’ month.


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