Monday May 27th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Ice Water Edition

Diving headfirst into the cool, refreshing waters of ‘Ice Water’.

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Ice Water Edition

A colour that evokes tranquillity and coolness; that's the essence of ‘Ice Water’, a hue gaining traction in the fashion scene across the regional designers. More than just a basic blue, Ice Water captures the subtle shimmer and depth of a glass filled with chilled water.  In this edition of Monochrome Monday, we'll explore how MENA fashion brands are incorporating this versatile colour into their collections, creating garments that are refreshing alternatives to bolder tones...

Geyanna Younes | SS23 Crystal Tears

We’d certainly be shedding tears over this beauty. ‘Crystal Tears’ is an adequate name for the shimmering, gorgeous dress, catching the light like a cascade of frozen tears and ice.

Rami Al Ali | Aqua Blue Tubino Tea Length Dress

What is it with this shade and sparkling sequins? Not complaining though. The Syrian designer is no stranger to jaw-dropping designs, and this fully-beaded dress with striking structure is no different.

Saffron Boutique | Free-size Kaftan

Fur is never a wrong choice. Jazzing up this kaftan, the fur adds an Antarctic touch to the icy piece.

Azza Fahmy | Drop Lotus Earrings

Embodying the fascinating culture of Ancient Egypt and its coveted lotus flower, Azza Fahmy’s earrings stun among silver.

Antoine Kareh | Couture Collection 23/24

The sensual silhouette, the high slit and the asymmetrical sleeve all fall perfectly in line with the Ice Water persona: sexy, a little bit cold and a whole lot mysterious.

Andrea Wazen | Franca Purse in Blue

Andrea Wazen does more than glamorous heels, she also does fabulous bags. Satin, tulle and crystals unite in the Franca Purse, combining sparkle and flair. A little tulle never hurt nobody.

Poise Design | BIPOLAR Heels

These heels are bipolar in nature, indeed. Half icy, crystallised blue, half dusty pink, the heels from the Dubai-based label also pop out with a gold buckle at their front.

Kato Online Shop | Freya in Blue

The Egyptian brand’s structured, bucket-esque bag is adorned with a bejewelled resin handle that curves ever-so-slightly, handcrafted and hand-dyed by artisans and created with metallic straw material.

Haleia | Turquoise Dress

Definitely the craziest - or shall we say boldest?- choice in this Monochrome Monday, the Turkish brand plays around with shapes, sizes and silhouettes in this textured, eccentric dress.


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